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Dmitriy Dubenskiy
3d visualiser
If there is a need to focus on the advantages of a particular model, to show the difference between several options that look the same externally, or to tell about the advantage of the internal filling of the mattress, there is nothing more effective than 3D technologies.

Qualitatively and as clearly as possible, we will help to show all the differences between the internal elements, invisible from the outside, It is possible to show the texture, color and thickness of each inner layer.

In my work I strive to create not just beautiful images, but to implement a full-fledged sales tool that can increase the competitiveness of the customer's products.
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We will make any adjustments within a month after the completion of the work at no additional cost.
The standard term of performance of work-1 week. Urgent task we will perform in one day.
A professional designer works on each project together with a Visualizer and a 3d modeller.

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