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Dmitriy Dubenskiy
3d visualiser
Showcasing your products with high-quality images can be the difference between a conversion and no sales at all.

In fact, the perceived value of your products is directly influenced by the quality of your product rendering.

If you’re looking to get some professional bed 3d renderings created, I’m your man!

My name is Dmitry Dubesnkiy and I’m an architectural visualizer. Due to my 10 years of experience in 3d modeling and rendering, I’ve helped thousands of brands stand out from their competition with photorealistic renderings.

According to a recent study, 93% of consumers consider images essential in purchasing decisions. This means your images represent your product’s perceived value and quality.
If you provide me with a simple drawing or sketch of your bed, I can turn it into a beautiful 3d visualization within 3 days.
And the best thing? It’s affordable. No need to waste thousands of dollars on 3d renderings.

Here’s why I know you’ll love my service:
· Fully customized 3d visualizations to your likings
· We ensure authenticity by maximizing the detail of objects
· Over 10 years and + 1000 images of experience

Discover how a 3d model can boost your brand. Order now!
Free Edits
We will make any adjustments within a month after the completion of the work at no additional cost.
The standard term of performance of work-1 week. Urgent task we will perform in one day.
A professional designer works on each project together with a Visualizer and a 3d modeller.

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