3D architectural visualization displays your future construction at the stage of its conception. Even before the construction begins 3D visualization provides all available information about the building: façade finishing systems, traffic diagrams, landscape design, main scenery spots, correlation with the surrounding, night lighting views.

What's the most resilient parasite? An idea. A single idea from the human mind can build cities. An idea can transform the world and rewrite all the rules.

- Inception -

3D computer graphics that we create helps developers, construction firms, and advertising agencies to demonstrate in detail their investment projects and properties under construction: housing complexes, residential districts, public buildings, interiors.

We create a unique image of the future building to attract the attention of your potential costumers. At the same time, all the technical details outlined in the working documents of the project will be complied with.

We accumulate our knowledge by means of participation in the large Russian and international architectural and design projects and owing to proficiency of our architects, we do not only create a 3D model according to the client’s plan, but also are able to enhance and develop projects further.

Our clients — developers and construction firms, advertising agencies and private clients, executives and business holders – are those who put a high value on the quality of the materials for the presentation of the project, its details.

Why our clients order 3D visualization:

1Vivid renders.

One aspect of a professional final picture is a well formulated lighting. Realistic lighting allows you to feel the depth of the space and deliver an attitude of mind. In coherence with the highly detailed modeling, thought-out scenario and the composition of the frame it allows to create a highly emotional image.

2Precise modeling of 3D objects.

During the modeling process, we follow the exact dimensions and proportions of the objects. Particular attention is paid to the details. We place innate details into the scene to make it more precise and real.


We understand that time is money, that is why we help you complete your project faster.

4More than visualization.

. On the basis of your requirements our architects design for you or modify any of your ideas and concepts, relying on the plan and your preferences. We know how much time it takes to drive the project from start to finish. That is why we manage to do a particular part of the project (such as 3d visualization or final drawings) on the subcontract basis. This let you to devote more time for the design process.

Who orders 3D visualization?

  • Developers. Drawings and numbers alone are not enough to represent the capacity of the project to investors. Well done illustrations of the building emphasize the advantages of the project, add the emotional component to the presentation and convince to invest in your project.
  • Architects, design organizations. 3D modeling is required in the design process and the subsequent approval of the project by the customer.
  • Real estate agencies. Searching for customers for the shared-equity construction unit in Vienna can be accelerated by high-quality illustrations of the project, which would not only make you look like a credible company, but would also motivate your potential customers to make a purchase.
  • Those who need coordinate their project in the state institutions of Vienna. Strong presentation of the project helps to understand your ideas and will have a positive impact on the credibility of your company.

The price of 3D visualization

How it works

Calculating the cost

Business center masterplan

You send us the information on the project in the form of AutoCAD drawings, scanned copies, or even hand drawings with the exact dimensions. Usually we require floor plans for each floor, facades, sections, and general plan.

We send you a quote that clearly details all the stages of the project and their cost. As a result, you get a precise notion about the cost, the final product and how long does it take to do.

Project realization

3d modeling Vienna

After the signing of the contract and receiving the advance payment for the project, our leading specialist begins working on 3D modeling and visualization.

3D modeling is executed according to the requirements of creating 3D models by the international certificate CheckMate.

Test render

business center render

• We will send you a preliminary render by e-mail for your approval. Usually we allocate 50% of the project time for the approval stage, so you will get a test render approximately in the middle of the period specified in the contract. We make amendments to the preliminary render based on your comments and suggestions until you are fully satisfied with the result.

Final render

business center 3d visualization

After the approval of test images we prepare for you final high-resolution images.

When we send you the final images, the Act of Completion is signed and the payment for the remaining amount is made.


Architectural Visualization Studio ALFA3D in Vienna, Austria
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Architectural Visualization Studio ALFA3D in Yekaterinburg, Russia
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We create illustrations of such objects as:

  • Residential real estate: a multi-storied residential buildings, apartment complexes, country cottage complexes, club houses;
  • Commercial real estate: office buildings, hotels, showrooms, exhibition centers, shopping and entertainment centers;
  • Production facilities: logistic centers, factory complexes, transportation hubs;
  • Infrastructure: bridge building, road construction, landscaping.